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Loan Application

If you are not a member, you will need to first come in to the Credit Union to complete a New Account Application Form, which also allows you to open deposit accounts.  Membership is required to apply for a loan.  Use our Loan Calculator to help determine how much you need to/can borrow.

Please provide all the requested information. When you have completed the form, please print it and

FAX it to: (626) 440-9485.   You  will hear from us within two to four business days. SEE "PRODUCTS & SERVICES" "LOANS"   FOR LOAN DOCUMENTATION REQUIREMENTS.

Required fields are marked with an *

Applicant Information Co-Applicant Information

Name and Address Information

Account Number* 
Account Number
Full Name* 
Full Name
Driver's License

Social Security Number* 
Date of Birth
Driver's License

Social Security Number

Date of Birth

Home Phone* 
Home Phone
Zip Code/Postal Code* 
Zip Code/Postal Code
Own  Rent Credit Card
Monthly Mortgage or Rent Payment*
Car Financing
Total of All Other Monthly Payments*
Total of All Monthly Payments

Employment Information

Current Employer Name* 
Current Employer Name
Current Employer Address*
Current Employer Address
Current Employer City*
Current Employer City
Current Employer State*
Current Employer State
Current Employer Zip Code*
Current Employer Zip Code
Work Phone*
Work Phone
Work Start Date*
Work Start Date
Salary Information
You MUST enter your salary information for this application to be processed.  Salary information is not noted as "required" (marked with an asterisk) because there are too many variables in the way you can report your salary.
Number of Hours You Work Per Week*
Number of Hours You Work Per Week
Current Hourly Salary Rate, If Hourly
Current Hourly Salary Rate, If Hourly
Base Salary per Month  Year 
  Gross   Net
Base Salary per Month  Year
   Gross  Net
Other Income per Month  Year
Gross   Net
Other Income per Month  Year
   Gross  Net
Source of Other Income
Source of Other Income

Loan Information

Requested Loan Amount* 

Do you want Disability Insurance?
Purpose of Loan* 
Do you want Credit Life Insurance?
Number of Months to Repay 

Do you want to have both, Disability and Credit Life Insurance?


Best Daytime Phone Number*
Additional Comments
Once you have completed all the required fields, please print this form, date and sign here and fax to LA Electrical Workers Credit Union at (626) 440-9485.  Should you have any questions regarding this form or it's contents, please call the Credit Union at (626) 440-9284.

Applicant Signature                                                              Co-Applicant Signature

Thank you for using our website application.

In addition to basic information, you will need to provide employment and income information, the amount of your monthly mortgage or rent payment, and the total amount of all your monthly payments. Please answer each question as accurately as possible. Providing accurate information will expedite your loan request.

By placing this web request, you certify that all statements made are true and complete. You authorize the credit union to obtain any information necessary to process this request, including a credit report.   An L.A. Electrical Workers Credit Union representative will contact you when your loan request is approved or if any additional information is needed.



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