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L.A. Electrical Workers Credit Union offers a variety of savings and investment opportunities to fit your lifestyle.

  • Membership - To become a member of the L. A. Electrical Workers Credit Union, take a walk into our office. If you are a member of Local Union 11, Bring a copy of a current Dues Receipt, your valid Drivers License and your Social Security card. Once you become a member, you are automatically eligible for any product or service we offer. The minimum amount to open a savings account is $20.00 and $5.00 one time membership fee and you also have the option to open a checking account which would be an additional $50.00, no fees apply.

    As a member of L. A. Electrical Workers Credit Union your spouse and or children, are also eligible to open their own share account with proper documentation such as social security card and a valid Id, no dues receipt is required. Also on special circumstances proof of marriage license will be required if the married couple do not share a last name.
  • Share Account - To open a Share Account, the minimum amount required is $25.00. Dividends are paid quarterly to this account. As a member of L. A. Electrical Workers Credit Union. Your spouse or children, are eligible to open their very own share account.
  • Direct Deposit - Why are you spending money on stamp or gasoline to make deposits of recurring government checks such as Social Security, Veterans Administration benefits, or Local 11 and other IBEW pension, etc.? MAY WE MAKE A SUGGESTION? Why don't you stop by the Credit Union (perhaps on your next visit to make a deposit in person) and fill out an authorization form for DIRECT DEPOSIT? It's easy, doesn't take long, and it puts and end to deposit day aggravation. Your deposit will be credited to your share account regularly, safely, painlessly, it's all upside - no downside. We think your time is better spent a thousand different ways other than worryng about getting your deposit to the credit union. So why don't you start DIRECT DEPOSIT today?
  • IRA Individual - Retirement Accounts An IRA is a great way to save for the future. In many cases, contributions are tax deductible and all interest received on the account is tax deferred until withdrawal. We offer traditional IRA'S with 24, 36 and 48 terms.
  • Grow Dollars for Tomorrow, Save on Taxes Today - A traditional IRA brings you significantly up from tax advantages, and with less money taken out for taxes; the power of compound earnings is strengthened.
  • With a traditional IRA:
    • Earnings accumulated tax-deferred
    • Contributions are tax-deductible if you qualify
    • The amount you can contribute is increasing

Is the traditional IRA for you? Please call us to mail you a brochure that contains answers to the most frequent asked questions about traditional IRA's.

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